CO2 Impact on Agricultural Production

by | Nov 28, 2019

Triggering a 180 degree transformative thinking about agriculture is indeed the intended purpose of this website.

There is a huge ongoing debate on “How to cool the warming planet earth”. We are told that the increasing Carbon dioxide emissions are the most important cause of global warming. It is claimed that human activity is causing “global warming” since 1980s.

“The Economist” (1st Oct 15) carried a lengthy article titled “It is getting hotter”

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The article carries a graph showing increase in atmospheric CO2 from 340 ppm (0.34%) in 1980 to 400 ppm (0.4%) in 2010 see chart, it spins us scary story.

Does increasing CO2 impact agricultural production?

Out of curiosity, we therefore looked at the food grain production in the world from 1980 to 2010 and combined with the Atmospheric CO2 data (Reproduced in the slide below)

Strangely, the data show a strong linear and positive correlation between CO2 levels and a global grain production….!

As per FAO, the grain production in 2015 reached a record level of 2500 Mill tons.

So, the next time when someone spins scary tale around CO2, global warming, likely decline in food production, let us say “Muy Bueno” with a smile.

Muy Buenoin Spanish means “very good”…!

Why to say that in Spanish?

Oh… just to make fun of panic sellers…!

Have a pleasant day…. Of course with 180 degree thinking reversal